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Upcoming Events:

  • Cancelled April Paper Shoot,
    2020-04-11 9:00 AM: Cancelled April Paper Shoot,
  • Masters Shoot--8 am
    2020-05-09 8:00 AM:

    Masters shoot, 8 am

    Note: this is a one day only event in 2020.

  • 4H Invitational
    2020-06-06 : 4H Invitational will be held at the FLMLC Range. This event will use the entire range, and the range will be closed to recreational shooting.
  • NMLRA Territorials
    2020-06-19 11:00 AM:

    THREE day NMLRA Territorials--Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday.

  • NMLRA Territorials, Day 2
    2020-06-20 7:00 AM:

    NMLRA Territorials, Day 2

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Fort Lupton Muzzle Loading Club

The Fort Lupton Muzzle Loading Club is an independent, 501(C)(7) organization, chartered to provide members of the South Platte Valley Historical Society, the Tallow River Trappers, and the community with a well-regulated and safe place to shoot traditional muzzle loading firearms - replicas of pre-metallic cartridge guns or authentic period guns deemed safe to shoot by a qualified gunsmith.

Trained members and their registered guests use the range to hone their skills and practice muzzle loading firearms operation and education. The club organizes monthly FLMLC 'Fun Shoots' and competitive 'Paper Shoots', as well as hosting formal competitions of the Colorado State Muzzle Loading Rifle Association and other outside groups. FLMLC is the home of official Tallow River Trappers living history shooting sports events.